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"I want to light up Australia."
Mr. Paul Mirabella - Founder, Mirabella International

Mirabella was founded by Mr. Paul Mirabella, born in Monterosso Almo, Sicily in 1936.

He migrated to Australia as a young man in 1951, settling in North Melbourne with his father.

He married Silvana Mirabella in July 1960 and incorporated his first company, Mirabella International, in the same year, opening a small shop front in Lygon Street Brunswick.

The company commenced with the sale of furniture and electrical items, but his first big break came with the sale of the Maria Theresa chandelier to Myer & Grace Brothers in 1975.

This inspired Mr. Paul Mirabella to sell the chandeliers with the globes included, which heralded the beginning of Mirabella’s journey into the manufacture and distribution of globes nationally.

“I was importing furniture, including chandeliers and light fittings, from Murano in Venice, initially to sell to the Italian community but I showed them to Myer & Grace Bros, and they liked them.

We discovered they weren’t compatible with local light bulbs, so we went back to Europe to find light bulbs – and that’s how we started in light bulbs.” Mr. Paul Mirabella

A true pioneer of lighting in Australia, Mr. Paul Mirabella was the first to introduce fairy lights to the Australian market.

Originally imported to decorate Melbourne’s iconic Collins Street, the fairy light has since become a ubiquitous Christmas and decorative adornment loved by all.

Paul & Silvana Mirabella outside their Lygon Street store

Today, the Mirabella brand has diversified into a number of product categories:

Smart Tech (Mirabella Genio)
Party & Entertainment
Seasonal Events

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