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200 Orange Or Purple Fairy Lights (2 Assorted Designs)

Item #I004902

Decorate your home this spooky season with the 200 Orange & Purple Fairy Lights Assortment. This is a fun and entertaining decoration that’s sure to attract both friends and family, while also enhancing any home or party for the Halloween season.
3 x AA batteries (batteries not included)
Items sold separately.

Product Features:
15.92 Lit Length
Orange & Purple LED
Orange / Purple Fairy Light
Battery Operated

Available at:

Caution Statement

For Indoor Use Only. This is not a toy, keep out of reach of children. Ensure batteries are inserted with correct polarity. Remove batteries when not used for long periods. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon zinc) or rechargeable batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. LED bulbs cannot be replaced. Do not attempt to remove the bulbs. Do not attempt to operate whilst in packaging. The supply terminals are not to be short circuited. Keep away from fire and direct heat source. If light set is damaged, light set should be discarded.

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