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Christmas Laser Projector

Item #I004796

The Mirabella Solar Powered Christmas Pattern LED Laser features a festive design with 9 functions to spread joy through your neighbourhood.
3 x AA Rechargeable Battery. Up to 8hrs Operating time*

*Dependant on the amount of available sunlight throughout the day.

Product Features:
9 Functions
Red & Green LED Laser
Solar Powered
Outdoor Use Only

Available at:
Big W

Caution Statement

Please read safety instructions carefully to ensure the satisfactory and safe operation of this product. Product with Pull Tab
Please retain packaging and instructions for future reference.
Prior to first time use, place the solar item in an area that ensures the solar panel gets maximum amount of full, direct sunlight. Allow the solar light to fully charge initially for at least 8 hours before use.
Ensure that the ON/OFF switch is selected to the ON position. Solar lights require sunlight to function properly. Extended periods of cloudy weather will cause shorter runtimes. Shade on the solar panel is to be avoided.
Do not operate whilst still in packaging. LED bulbs are not replaceable. Do not attempt to remove bulbs. The set is made from UV resistant insulation and is suitable for outdoor use. Avoid damage to the bulbs, solar panel and wiring insulation. If light set is damaged, light set should be discarded. Do not connect this light set electrically to any other light set. The supply terminals are not to be short circuited. Do not dispose battery in fire, battery may explode or leak. Keep battery away from children and pets. For decoration only. Keep out of reach of children. The solar light has to be charged under sunshine for 8 hours. Do not puncture, cut, shorten, splice or twist the solar light. A regular visual inspection is recommended.

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